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Features and Price Reference of Outdoor Aluminum Outdoor Dining Set

Features and Price Reference of Outdoor Aluminum Outdoor Dining Set


Outdoor aluminum dining tables set is moulded once, and then sprayed with outdoor metal powder to color. This kind of product is very textured, not easy to rust, durable, smooth and owns delicate appearance.

Aluminum outdoor tables and chairs have always given people the feeling of "cold", but this feeling gives aluminum outdoor tables and chairs a unique cold and alternative style. 

It is representative of fashionable and avant-courier, meanwhile, it is the indispensable furniture in household of contracted fashionable style.

Similarly, LoFurniture has recently launched several new sets of simple, stylish and ultra-affordable aluminum outdoor dining tables and chairs. Please click on the link below for details.

Next, LoFurniture will introduce the characteristics of aluminum outdoor tables and chairs to all of you.

First of all, obviously, the main material of aluminum tables and chairs is aluminum or aluminum alloy, whose density is smaller than that of steel and iron, so its weight will be light.

Secondly, aluminum has good thermal conductivity. The thermal conductivity of aluminum is relatively good in most metals such as its good fire resistance because of its melting point of 2327℃, fast heat absorption and dissipation.

Finally, aluminum is excellent in rust and corrosion resistance due to its surface with alumina protective layer, natural rust, corrosion resistance. Usually manufacturers of outdoor table and chairs will spray in the process of manufacturing on the aluminum and do paint protection treatment to strengthen its rust characteristics.

In addition, price is often what people need to pay special attention to in the selection of aluminum outdoor tables and chairs, so how to choose?

The price of aluminum tables and chairs is closely related to its weight. The heavier the weight, the more expensive it is and the better the quality. But what is the reasonable price?

We can calculate it like this: the net weight of the finished product kilograms times 50 yuan to get the price is the most reasonable price. So don't be fooled by unscrupulous merchants.

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