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Outdoor Furniture Playing an Key Role in the Garden Design

Outdoor Furniture Playing an Key Role in the Garden Design


When building a garden landscape, we often create a leisure area to make our own outdoor life more colorful, which must inevitably choose outdoor furniture, but what kind of outdoor furniture to choose? How to maintain the outdoor furniture you have chosen?

Many people don't understand! Let's have a brief understanding of it.

Fabric outdoor furniture

Comparatively speaking, the comfort of fabric outdoor furniture will be higher and softer, which is characterized by being able to be changed, but its surface is also easy to dirty, the frequency to change and wash is very high!

Maintenance: basically, the conservation frequency of fabric sofa is at least once a week, to the surface of removable knitted fabric, remember not to use bleach form to undertake cleaning when cleaning, otherwise it may affect the elasticity of the surface.

Wooden outdoor furniture

Wooden outdoor furniture can often render a simple and traditional feeling, in the Chinese courtyard application more! What choose mostly is anticorrosive wood qualitative.

Maintenance: wooden furniture surface is usually to carry out paint processing, because only in this way, to form protection of the internal structure, and prolong its service life. At the same time, the surface should be regularly painted.

Rattan outdoor furniture

Rattan outdoor furniture in the garden application is also a great many, usually its frame is a metal structure, with rattan system outside, whose whole is relatively light.

Maintenance: rattan outdoor furniture should be tried to avoid strong collision and scratches by knife points and other hard objects as far as possible and prolonged exposure to bright light when using. Put in a cool and ventilated place, the service life will be higher! The damage to the gap should be dealt with in time, otherwise the damage area will gradually increase.

Metal outdoor furniture

Metal outdoor furniture is usually used in aluminum and stainless steel two kinds of materials, the shape is also more texture, which used more in the European garden.

Maintenance: when stains appear on the surface of metal outdoor furniture, try to use clean water to wipe, if you need to use detergent, please do remember to use mild detergent, so as not to damage the surface of the coating, for dents and scratches and other damage, but also timely with paint to fill to prevent oxidative erosion.

The above are simple introduction to the selection and maintenance of outdoor furniture in garden design. In general, the creation of garden must be indispensable to the creation of leisure area, and the corresponding choice of outdoor furniture, and outdoor furniture and garden quality is also a great relationship. Plastic and metal textures are completely different, so whatever you do, don't let outdoor furniture drag down the beauty of your garden.

Garden design, construction, maintenance services, are designed to create an exquisite outdoor landscape.

Create an outdoor garden landscape that meets the personalized needs of garden owners and reflects their unique aesthetics and taste.

Beautiful garden, design first! Outdoor ecological landscape design, we have been on the way...

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