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Outdoor Furniture Brands- LoFurniture

Outdoor Furniture Brands- LoFurniture



LoFurniture company has 37 years of experience in the outdoor furniture industry. The production workshop is 1,500 square meters and has 231 employees. It has a design and product R&D team, and can customize products according to customer requirements. It is an enterprise specializing in outdoor furniture processing and sales. Main sales: outdoor cantilever umbrellas, aluminum alloy tables and chairs, aluminum alloy sofas, beach chairs, leisure reclining chairs, and other series of outdoor furniture. We will continue to walk hand in hand with you to create green, leisure and healthy outdoor living space. Add the leisure and beauty of the city, and enhance the artistic taste of the living space. Enjoying the sun, savoring life, and returning to nature are the yearning and pursuit of modern people. Pass on nature and health, and bring out the romantic atmosphere.

modern outdoor sofa 

Outdoor furniture is required to be used outdoors, exposed to the sun and rain all year round, wind and frost, so the material requirements are good, and the anti-oxidation and corrosion resistance are strong. What are the commonly used outdoor furniture materials, their characteristics, and many outdoor furniture materials, such as rattan, solid wood, plastic wood, stainless steel, cast aluminum, cloth, etc., each with its own advantages. The material of our company's outdoor sofa is mainly aluminum alloy, because the sofa is placed outdoors to prevent the product from corroding when it rains. Our products are made of aluminum alloy material, the aluminum alloy is surface treated, and it is also the oxidation treatment that we notified, so the life of the material will be extended. The cast aluminum outdoor furniture looks at the mold. Generally speaking, the heavier quality is better. The cast aluminum outdoor furniture can be used for ten years and eight years without any problem.

The sofa cushion can be removed for cleaning or cleaning the fabric sofa requires a small object stick! The sofa can be easily cleaned with just a 75% alcohol stick and a clean rag.

First, pour the alcohol into a spray bottle. Spray on a rag. 75% alcohol can come in direct contact with the skin. The concentration is suitable for disinfection. You can buy it in general pharmacies. After evenly spraying the cloth, the cloth will be spread on the sofa

Then hit the rag with the stick and you can use it.

After a while, flip the rag over. The original clean rags are dust. In fact, the principle is very simple. By clicking, the dust in the sofa is elastically ejected and the dust is adsorbed on the alcohol damped rag.

Also, like the sofa gap, is there a way to wipe the place, we can put on cotton gloves and spray some 75% alcohol on the gloves. The handle goes into the gap, round and round, and dust, hair, and other small dirt inside is also brought out.

The picture below is the picture taken in the factory album, the color can be customized, and the plastic-wood splicing method can also be customized.

The price-performance ratio of all-cast aluminum may not be as high as that of plastic wood, but it is better than the sense of use, and it looks more high-end.

Outdoor tables and chairs made of cast aluminum are recommended

Compared with other materials, there are several advantages:

1. Compared with solid wood material. Because considering the outdoor use, the general solid wood cannot withstand the sun and rain for a long time. Because the cast aluminum material is a metal material, it is not easy to rot outdoors.

2. Compared with rattan materials. Now the rattan tables and chairs on the market are basically made of PVC, which is what we call plastic rattan. Similar to solid wood, it is more prone to decay. Basically, it is exposed to the sun all year round in summer, and it will age rapidly after the temperature is lower in winter. Cast aluminum will not have this effect.

3. Compared with wrought iron material. The price/performance ratio of wrought iron materials will be relatively better, but also considering outdoor use, if the temperature is relatively humid, it is easy to rust. Some people may say that if the surface is painted, it will not rust. However, the paint on the surface is always easy to cause bumps when used outdoors, and once the paint falls off, it will cause overall rust. If the iron art is rusted, it will rot quickly, and although the cast aluminum material loses the paint on the surface, it does not corrode as quickly as the iron art.

4. The material of the fabric teslin is not suitable for outdoor use.

Hotel Outdoor Aluminum Extension Dining TableVilla Outdoor Teak Wood Top Table and Chairs

Outdoor cantilever umbrella

Cantilever umbrellas are the latest addition to the fabulous outdoor furniture collection. It consists of two umbrellas, in luxurious shades, that create two separate living areas. Its uninterrupted shade is at its best and easy to handle. Parasols have an informal elegance and design that will not go unnoticed in any space. You can pass it by your poolside or in your patio and pair it with your favorite lounge chairs and coffee table. It's a cool refuge from the summer heat.

The double cantilevered parasol consists of a tandem retrieval crank system and duralumin to ensure the parasol ease of use and durability. Its solo crank opens gently, with uninterrupted ambience and well-defined passage. The parasol has an automatic retractable mast that allows it to close smoothly. It is made of the best marine grade materials and can withstand high winds and other weather conditions. Whether adding modern opulence to a backyard patio or decorating a green patio space, it ensures quality. Lets you shield from the harsh rays of the sun. You will have a great time outdoors. It attracts as much attention for its brilliant sun protection as it does for its beauty.

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