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What is Roman Outdoor Umbrella Parasol?

What is Roman Outdoor Umbrella Parasol?


The Roman parasol, also known as the 360 degree parasol, is one of the most powerful outdoor parasols, and can be rotated horizontally for a full rotation, or tilted vertically for 90 degrees.  Shading with roma sun umbrella patio is the most creative and leisure shading method on the Chinese market, which is more convenient operation.  The Roman umbrella is controlled by a handle to its rotation and elevation. 


The Roman umbrella belongs to the side umbrella, but compared with the ordinary unilateral umbrella, it is characterized by large tilt in front of the umbrella and large area under the umbrella.  Because of this, the overall structure of the Roman umbrella is firm and stable.  The skeleton is made of aluminum alloy, and the overall design reveals a simple and atmospheric style.  Roman umbrella cloth made of thick and dense cloth, the effect of shading is incomparable, umbrella cloth and umbrella bone integrated, revealing the domineering and general luxury temperament. 

1, Characteristics 

The Roman umbrella can be rotated 360 degrees horizontally or stretched 0-90 degrees vertically, depending on the need for shade.  Shade with a rotating umbrella, the most creative and casual shade on the market right now.  Open area under the umbrella, you can put tables and chairs;  The direction of the umbrella can be turned freely, and it can block the sun at will.  Compared with other umbrellas, the Roman umbrella is better for shading, and it is easier to turn and rise and fall by shaking the handle.  Compared with the side column umbrella, it is characterized by a large tilt in front of the umbrella and a large area under the umbrella.  Because of this, the overall structure of the rotating umbrella is firm and stable, and the skeleton is made of alloy materials.  The overall design reveals a simple and atmospheric style. 

2, Appearance 

The Roman umbrella is unique in shape and fashionable in design.  The overall structure is beautiful and the lines are clear, which can give people a pleasant feeling. 

3, Umbrella Cover 

Rome umbrella fabric uses the best polyester, research shows that thick fabric has better UV resistance than thin fabric, generally speaking, cotton, silk, nylon, viscose and other fabrics have poor uv protection effect, while polyester is better, polyester cloth is waterproof, sunscreen, do not fade, uv protection ability is strong, etc.  The umbrella cloth has a variety of colors, including dark green, wine red, rice white, water blue, dark blue, brown, orange, dark yellow, green and so on, and the glossy color of the umbrella is more beautiful and lively.  Umbrella surface can screen printing company logo and pattern, printing vivid and clear, never fade, is a good carrier of outdoor advertising enterprises. 

4.  Umbrella Pole and Umbrella Ribs 

Roman umbrella pole structure is made of high quality and high strength aluminum, stretching performance is good, wind resistance is strong, hard and not easy to break, or extrusion caused by deformation, electrostatic spraying surface, can withstand wind and sun, not easily fade, affect beautiful. 

5, Umbrella Body 

In addition to the usual straight pole umbrellas, Roman outdooor umbrella USES two fold umbrella pattern, the umbrella body can be rotated 360 degrees in a horizontal position, can also be rotated 90 degrees in the vertical direction, and hence the name, the design of the precision actuator system, hand or foot pedal rotation, can lift tilting,  operating more simple, one that can be easily open and fold.

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