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Global Outdoor Furniture Market Current Status and Market Size Forecasting Analysis In 2021

Global Outdoor Furniture Market Current Status and Market Size Forecasting Analysis In 2021


As we know that garden patio set is an important tool for human beings to expand the boundaries of activities, edify sentiment and enjoy life, as well as a concrete embodiment of people's closeness to nature and love of life. Garden patio set  industry has a long history of development, and the technology has been relatively mature. At present, outdoor leisure furniture has been widely used in villas, hotels, restaurants, parks, squares and other outdoor fields, which has become one of the most dynamic branches of furniture industry.

In recent years, outdoor leisure furniture and supplies market have been developing to trend of personalization, fashion. The demand of individuation and fashion has accelerated the updating of products and improved the updating speed of outdoor leisure furniture and supplies, and promoted the growth of industry demand. Data show that the scale of the global outdoor leisure furniture market from 2016 to 2025 will be on the rise, from $14.2 billion in 2016 to $25.4 billion in 2025.

North America is one of the main consumption areas of outdoor leisure furniture and supplies, among which the United States is the world's largest single country market. Data show that the market size of outdoor leisure furniture in the United States from 2013 to 2023 will be on the rise. In 2013, the market size of outdoor leisure furniture in the United States was 6.92 billion DOLLARS, and is expected to reach 9.64 billion dollars in 2023, with a compound growth rate of 3.37%. The size of outdoor leisure furniture market in the United States is about half of that in the world. The demand for outdoor leisure furniture in the United States is higher than that in other countries, and the global market is greatly influenced by the United States market.

Outdoor leisure furniture market growth, development in Europe and the United States and other developed countries, Europe and the United States market is still the main outdoor leisure furniture market. In Europe and the United States, with the concept of leisure life gradually become the mainstream life concept and the pursuit of self, the pursuit of good life quality of the concept of popular, outdoor leisure furniture gradually become People's Daily life furniture. Outdoor leisure furniture and supplies by the simple table, chai, bench, gradually developed into a variety of products, many styles, including brazier, hammock, swing, umbrella and other products. International experience shows that when a country (region) per capita GDP reaches 3,000 to 5,000 USD, the country (region) will enter the leisure era.

Developed countries have already reached this target, economic development has brought leisure time extension, more and more people have increased the outdoor leisure time. European and American enterprises have always been in an advantageous position in international competition by virtue of their strong design and R&D capabilities, channel advantages and brand advantages. However, due to the high cost of manufacturing, the manufacturing part has been gradually transferred to countries with low labor costs.

The outdoor leisure furniture industry in China started late. Based on the introduction of advanced production equipment and manufacturing technology, the domestic industry has continuously innovated and developed, and its technology, product quality, design and development strength, sales scale and economic benefits have been comprehensively improved. Although domestic labor costs have been rising year by year in recent years, the probability of large-scale transnational industrial transfer is not high in the short term due to factors such as high degree of perfection of industrial chain, strong supporting response capacity and high labor efficiency. Large-scale enterprises in the industry are also actively increasing the investment in equipment renovation, technology upgrading and other aspects, as far as possible to reduce the pressure brought by rising labor costs. In general, the competitiveness of China's outdoor furniture industry in the global market is strong, and shows a trend of continuous improvement.

Analysis of industrial development trend

With the gradual improvement of life quality, outdoor leisure furniture industry, as an important part of the leisure industry, will develop in the following directions:

First of all, the potential of domestic demand is huge, and the international competitiveness is constantly enhanced: the market potential of developing countries represented by China is huge, which will provide a broad space for the development of the industry. At present, China has developed into a global manufacturing center of outdoor leisure furniture and supplies, complete industrial supporting. The competitive enterprises in China's outdoor leisure furniture industry are constantly strengthening their international competitiveness by virtue of their constantly improving design ability and production technology level.

Secondly, research and development ability determines the development of enterprises: outdoor leisure furniture demand is a trend of diversified development, which is reflected in: the market demand for personalized and high-end products is increasing, and the demand for products is increasingly diversified due to the different culture, consumer preference and climate environment. Product development and design ability is an important factor to determine the added value, technological content and brand competitiveness of enterprise products. Outdoor leisure furniture manufacturers need to quickly track the changes in different market demands, strengthen product development and design capacity construction, and launch customized outdoor leisure furniture and supplies suitable for customer needs, in order to meet customer's personalized product needs. In the future, with the upgrading of consumers' consumption concept, the independent design and research level of branded outdoor leisure furniture enterprises will directly dominate the premium ability of their products.

Third, the concentration of the industry has gradually increased, and the brand has become the focus of business: China fully entered the production of outdoor leisure furniture industry in the late 1980s. After years of development, China's outdoor leisure furniture has begun to take shape in terms of production and trade volume. However, the investment of enterprises in the industry in brand construction is seriously insufficient, the brand design ability is weak, the lack of popular national brands, and there is still a big gap with Italy, Germany and other foreign high-end brands. At present, China's outdoor leisure furniture industry has many participants, the industry concentration is low, with the continuous development of outdoor leisure furniture industry, industry concentration will gradually improve, dominant brands will occupy a dominant position in the market. In the future, brand will become one of the important factors to attract consumers in the outdoor leisure furniture industry, so brand management is the core of enterprise management in the industry. Strengthening independent brand management and brand construction, forming clear brand positioning and brand connotation, is to enhance product competitiveness and brand added value, become an important trend of the development of outdoor leisure furniture industry in the future. In the future, outdoor leisure furniture production enterprises will need to increase investment in brand, design, environmental protection and other aspects, in order to cater to consumers' demand for high-quality products. Manufacturers that have unique brand connotation, adhere to original design concept, use green and environment-friendly new materials, and can meet the personalized needs of consumers will stand out in the industry competition.

Fourth, new materials and technologies are highly respected: The application of new materials and new technology, can improve the service life of the product, increase product performance and function, and can effectively increase the product profit margins, so get the favour of the outdoor furniture factory in the industry, such as the use of wood plastic and art replacing part of the timber wood, metal materials used in outdoor leisure furniture, make the products in good touch with stronger corrosion resistance function at the same time. The application of new materials makes the product both beautiful and extend the outdoor service life. With the development of domestic economy, people's living standard has been greatly improved, and the demand for outdoor leisure furniture is also developing in the direction of health and environmental protection. Therefore, the use of new materials and new technology to produce environmental protection, energy saving, green products will become the future outdoor leisure furniture market consumption trend.

Fifth, informatization and mechanized production will become a trend: the diversification and individuation of product categories make the informatization and mechanization degree of enterprises in the industry lower. With the continuous development of business scale and the continuous improvement of human cost, the enterprise's requirements for equipment efficiency, cost control and product quality are constantly improving, making the application degree of information technology and the mechanization degree of production equipment gradually become the key for enterprises to win in the market competition. In the future, with the intensification of international competition and the improvement of labor costs, enterprises in the industry will gradually develop towards the direction of intelligent and mechanized level.

Sixth, product sales channels will be increasingly diversified: in recent years, with the rise of e-commerce, consumers' shopping habits are also slowly changing. Through the platform of e-commerce website, samples can be clearly displayed to consumers in an all-round way, reducing intermediate links and realizing direct transactions between consumers and manufacturers. E-commerce mode can not only reduce circulation links, reduce logistics costs and reduce sales expenses, but also realize zero-distance communication, so that more consumers can understand products, make transactions more convenient, increase transaction opportunities and improve sales efficiency. In the future, e-commerce model will become a beneficial supplement to the sales model of physical stores. On the premise of adhering to the sales model of physical stores, the sales scale of e-commerce model will be further expanded and have a broad market space.

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