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How To Buy A Folding Chair Or Sun Lounger

How To Buy A Folding Chair Or Sun Lounger


LoFurniture believes that there are many types of folding chairs on the market on the market, and a lot of foreign clients are also consulting how to select a suitable folding chair. Here are several detailed introductions: 

First, pay attention to the welding: if the folding chair is steel structure, pay attention to the welding if there is lubricated and no gap, coating looks average and mild. 

Second, keep an eye on thickness of steel tube: if the folding chair is aluminum tube, the thickness of steel tube is about 1.2 mm, no impurities as well. 

Third, take care of the solid degree: look at the overall quality of the frame, shake the folding chare around with both hands, strong means the framework is good. 

Forth, notice the quality of the fabric: if buy the type of leather, can use your two finger tips to hold a pull up, feel powerful and good recovery means great quality. 

Fifth, try to sit: personally try to sit, understand its level of warmth, each Angle should be transformed, be confirmed before you purchase. 

Nowadays, many families like to go to the seaside, not only the scenery is beautiful, but also the children like to play in the water. When being tired of playing in the sea, we can go to a folding chair on the beach to bask in the sun and eat something, which is really nice.   However, the comfort level of the sun lounger chair is also a key element. 


Garden sun loungers is one of the preferred pieces of furniture for outdoor recreation, because its advantage is great, for example: can be folding, easy to carry, sit and lie (whenever you want). There are many kinds of materials for folding chair, such as PVC mesh cloth, but in fact we are not very clear what is callled when see it, and the biggest advantage for PVC mesh cloth are dirt-proof, not easy to break, and anti-corrosion. 

Just looking at these advantages, we can see why we choose it. In addition, there are some leather like cotton, these fabrics, which are more suitable for home use, or if these materials of folding chairs use outdoor, it is easy to break. 

Folding chairs in the courtyard to bask or on the beach commonly use phosphating steel tube, stopping phosphating steel tube through phosphating liquid, making anticorrosive effect is higher than oxidation, and beach side is generally compared to wet, and water salty, so phosphating steel tube folding chair is commonly used in these central. 

LoFurniture thinks PVC mesh folding chair and Oxford cloth folding chair is suitable for people to go fishing, climbing, queuing time, turn it over at any time when you are tired. Isn't that easy? Bamboo chair is very leisure, put in the home to lie down when you are free, stand tired or play tired. Some folding chairs are also suitable for noon nap time.

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