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Why LoFurniture Choose Stainless Steel And Aluminum As Frame For Outdoor Furniture

Why LoFurniture Choose Stainless Steel And Aluminum As Frame For Outdoor Furniture


It is well known that metal is the strongest and most durable material for outdoor garden furniture.  Due to the strength of the metal itself, the materials can be thinner and the shapes can have more complex designs, providing outdoor funiture suppliers with greater design flexibility to make some metal chairs and tables that do not require bolts, screws, or other fasteners, because bolts, screws,  or other fasteners make furniture more vulnerable to damage. 

This sturdy metal is extremely strong and is ideal for large outdoor dining tables, sofas, and modular cabinets.  The high density structure of stainless steel itself helps prevent dents from frequent use.  Stainless steel withstands high temperatures better than most metals, although it does feel hot during hot summer time.  The composition of stainless steel makes it almost impervious to rust and corrosion, but coatings are still recommended to enhance stainless steel's resistance to weathering, especially in coastal areas where salt air and water are present.  If the chromium content of stainless steel is higher, the resistance of the alloy to atmospheric corrosion is higher.  The presence of molybdenum prevents red rust and reduces the pitting depth of the surface.  Garden and best patio furniture made of stainless steel is heavy and won't tip over or blow away in windy conditions.  The sleek silver exterior is an excellent material choice for high-end modern outdoor furniture.  Although expensive, stainless steel is good value for money.  Not only is it relatively easy to clean, but it's usually made of recycled metal, so it's more environmentally friendly. 

All in all, the advantages of outdoor furniture made of stainless steel are Durable, strong, rust resistant, wind resistant, easy to clean. 

Aluminum is the most popular metal for outdoor furniture.  Despite its light weight, it is strong, durable, and can be easily molded into a variety of complex shapes.  Aluminum is relatively cheap, low maintenance and never rusts.  Despite its high resistance to weathering, polyester powder coatings are still recommended: not only to enhance protection against external scratches, but also to add color and color.  The paint sticks to metal better and is more resistant to fading (if exposed to salty air by the pool).  Like other metals, aluminum gets hot, so it's best to have seat cushions to stay cool and comfortable. 

the advantages of outdoor furniture made of aluminum are Strong, lightweight, weathering resistant, inexpensive and low maintenance.

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