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Outdoor Lounge Chair and Outdoor Sofa

Outdoor Lounge Chair and Outdoor Sofa


At the mention of furniture, what everybody thinks of more is indoor sofa, bed, TV cabinet and so on, however furniture is not all is used in indoor, some is used at outdoors.


For example, families with courtyards, villas with terrace houses or large houses with balconies, and some hotels, western restaurants or cafes and entertainment places, they are also equipped with outdoor tables and chairs and leisure furniture in the courtyard and outdoors, which are generally used to enjoy when we need to relax and relax.


Lounge chair is one of the most common outdoor leisure furniture, usually a lot of public places such as swimming pool, beach, terrace can be seen. In the hotel, people can enjoy entertainment such as hot spring and rest on the lounge chair. People at home can enjoy the sunbath in balcony and relieve the fatigue of work in the sunny day.


In general, the common lounge chair of standard commonly is 70 centimeters wide, 200 centimeters long, but the specification size of lounge chair will be also different according to different styles and places.  lounge chair is commonly made of wood and metal and the rattan, and you can choose according to different material and different types, then should be able to buy a suitable  lounge chair for their own, currently the most we can see are types of rattan and Textilene fabric because these two are very breathable and comfortable, close skin healthy, durable, corrosion resistance and so on the characteristics of the obvious.


Outdoor sofa is generally for people who own a big balcony, so the recreational sofa that has thick cushion is a good choice, and they can lie on sofa for rest and also can sit and chat with their friends together to see outdoor scenery, really a kind of very agreeable leisure life.


There are lots of materials chosen for outdoor sofa, some use aluminium alloy with surface spray paint, and some are made of PE rattan, the environmental protection, and look elegant and fashionable.


The size of the outdoor sofa is generally according to the single sofa and 2-seat sofa, the general 2-seat sofa is 1300*870*910mm and single is 710*870*910mm. In fact, the size of the outdoor sofa on the market according to different occasions, so we can choose or customize according to the size of the placed area.

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