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How To Choose The Appropriate Outdoor Furniture Of Our Own?

How To Choose The Appropriate Outdoor Furniture Of Our Own?


Outdoor furniture, as a new fashion and a necessary item in the garden furniture sets, reflects people's new life of leisure and relaxation. So here comes the question that 

First, to consider weather and climate

Consider what the weather is like where you live. Does it rain a lot? Is it tropical? Hot and humid? Direct sunlight will crack wood furniture, and metal materials will heat up in the sun. It's also uncomfortable to use, and if you live in an area with frequent tropical storms, severe convection or near the sea, a sudden gust of wind can blow over very light furniture like aluminum or plastic.

Second, leave a space flexibly among furniture but mobile

Different with indoor furniture, luxury outdoor furniture does not have special functional demand, so, you do not have to match all tables and chairs and benches, the furniture with size scale according to space size.

Whether it's an open outdoor pool or a small, limited atrium garden, always remember to set aside areas for activity.

A tall bar table is better than a formal dining table, because bar stools save space.

Or consider the smaller side table and pier together, can move position, more flexible.

Decide style and material according to position

Do you have an awning in your outdoor area?

Is the furniture on soft lawns or hard floors?

Remember, if the lawn on the ground, do not use cork frame furniture, cork will absorb moisture, and then lead to frame damage, try to choose plastic, steel frame as a substitute. If there is direct sunlight, it is best to use a sunshade, direct sunlight is harmful to furniture and human skin.

Third, material is more important than appearance

The material that outdoor furniture pledges is very important, what it decides in the future maintains a situation. So, when you buy, don't just look at it.

Stainless steel, aluminum and resin outdoor furniture are the easiest to take care of, while wicker or wood furniture requires regular maintenance.


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